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Thursday, May 16, 2013

To the Eternal Child

When you've forever thought that planned outings never happen and don't bother to do anything to change that habit, you'd think nothing will happen unless it's sudden. But you can't underestimate the thirst for amusement park bonding you heavily need after months of not personally seeing one another and house bumming and school work and whatever you and your friends are into except for the fact that you've unconsciously didn't exert any effort to catch up in person. Oh well the powers of nostalgia, friendship, sisterhood and....EK! (Woo! That must have been the longest sentence I've ever written!)
Excited (and nervous!) for the day ahead

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Other Half

My sister turns 20 exactly today! I can't believe it! Time flies so fast and I'm seeing a woman evolve right through my eyes. Like every other sisterhood, my sister and I's is not a perfect one, far if I may say, but I love her to death! She's my partner in crime, my confidant, my critic, my other half. 

With her, I am most real. Nothing to hide, no need to pretend, no fear of judgment, no yearn for acceptance. I love you, Ate!

Let me show you throwback pictures of my sister before she became the beautiful lady she is now:p 

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